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California Motorcycle Accident Attorney

According to the NHTSA, over 80% of motorcycle accidents end in injury or death for the motorcyclist involved. California has some of the most beautiful drives in the country, but they can also be some of the most dangerous for motorcyclists. Even minor motorcycle accidents can set the stage for life-long health issues. Many victims involved in these accidents struggle afterwards with balancing treatment schedules, lost wages, and the high costs associated with vehicle accidents. At the BD&J Law Firm, we know the difference a seasoned California motorcycle accident attorney can make in receiving the compensation you deserve.

Do I Have a Case? Determining Liability

Whether you were in a motorcycle accident with another vehicle or alone, you may have a legitimate claim in California. Any factor leading up to the incident that directly impacted the outcome of the accident (also called causation) may point to the liable party. California uses a comparative negligence rule to determine who is responsible in any automotive accident. In some cases, liability may be divided between several parties.

Every case is unique and must be evaluated by California motorcycle accident lawyer who specializes in motorcycle accident law. At the BD&J Law Firm, we begin every case with a free initial consultation. When you contact us, one of our highly experienced and compassionate California motorcycle accident attorneys will talk through the details of your case so you can make an informed decision about pursuing legal action. We always recommend contacting California motorcycle accident lawyers after an accident to determine whether a lawsuit is appropriate for your situation.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in California

There are several factors that may lead to a motorcycle accident in California. In many cases, more than one factor contributes to the accident. Some of the most common reasons for accidents are:

  • Vehicle driver error. Most California motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers who are distracted and not paying attention. Many accidents are head-on collisions with motorcycles.
  • Intersection accidents. Vehicles may not see a motorcycle while making a left-hand turn, and strike them in an intersection.
  • Lane splitting. This technique where motorcyclists drive in between two cars in adjacent lanes of traffic is legal in California, but can be dangerous. Cars may not see or anticipate motorcycle movement nearby.

Other factors that contribute to California motorcycle accidents include equipment malfunctions and roadway hazards like potholes. If dangerous roadway conditions are factors in your case, there may be multiple responsible parties who can be held accountable. Construction crews, corporations, government entities, and other groups could all be responsible for causing or contributing to a motorcycle accident in California.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Even very minor accidents may lead to injuries like road rash, fractures, and broken bones. Other more serious wrecks often cause long-term problems, such as:

Seek medical attention after every motorcycle accident. You may not notice symptoms of some brain and spinal injuries immediately, so pay attention to how you feel in the days and weeks following an accident. Document your medical visits for future reference.

Finding a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in California

Your California motorcycle lawyer should exhibit substantial practice experience in motorcycle accident cases. Look for an accessible attorney who offers additional services like insurance and law enforcement assistance. At the BD&J Law Firm, our seasoned motorcycle accident lawyers handle every aspect of your claim from medical expense assistance to taking your case to trial. We are here to help you recover in any way we can.

Our team of attorneys have extensive experience with motorcycle accident cases in the state of California. If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident in California, let us know today by calling (800) 820-1111 or contact us online.

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