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Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle can be a hazardous activity. Often, motorcyclists are on the road with much larger vehicles, and they are relatively unguarded against external forces and hazards. There are, however, several ways a motorcycle rider can remain safe in California whilst obeying the CA State Laws.

Take a Course

There are many classes and specialty courses available to motorcyclists of all levels of expertise. From basic courses to training in defensive riding techniques, programs are in place to help motorcyclists learn the rules of the road and operate within them to remain safe. Many of these classes go over everything from safety gear to common crashes, and they are almost always less expensive than the repairs and medical costs incurred as the result of an accident.

Be Highly Aware of Surrounding Vehicles

As a general rule, every motorcyclist should be extremely aware of the vehicles in his or her immediate vicinity. Watch the motions and tendencies of cars around you. If a driver is moving quickly, give him or her the space to pass without incident. If someone seems to be changing lanes frequently or otherwise behaving in an erratic way, maintain your distance from that vehicle and keep a passive awareness of its movements. A motorcyclist who can read the road can stay safe against unseen hazards posed by incompetent or distracted drivers.

Adhere to Traffic Laws

Traffic laws in California are designed to keep everyone on the roadway safe. For a vehicle as exposed as a motorcycle, adhering to these laws is especially important. Deviating from the expectations imposed by traffic regulations will make your movements less predictable, making the other drivers on the road more dangerous. Operating your vehicle within established guidelines is the best way to keep reasonable drivers aware of your movements, and thus keep drivers off a collision course with your motorcycle. Be mindful when sharing roadways!

Be Cautious of Cars Turning Left

One of the most common types of motorcycle accidents occurs when a car turns left unexpectedly in front of a bike, causing a collision. This is why it is important to keep the other drivers’ actions in mind, especially at an intersection. The first step in avoiding a crash is identifying the threat, so if a car is turning in front of you, it is best to prepare to take evasive action.

Assess its speed, the direction of the wheels, and whether the driver has noticed your presence. Then apply the brakes as best you can while keeping the bike upright. A sharp turn may leave you on the ground, exposed to further injury, so slowing down is the best way to minimize any potential harm to you or your motorcycle.

Know the Road

Potholes, loose gravel, water, ice, uneven roads, and extreme weather are all hazardous to traverse in any vehicle, but especially for an exposed motorcycle. A motorcyclist should get an idea of the driving conditions before he or she goes off on a journey. Check the weather forecasts, assess how well maintained the roadways are, and once you are on the road, consistently evaluate the grounds ahead.

Responding to an Accident

While these tips can prevent many types of accidents, it is impossible for every motorcyclist to remain constantly vigilant or to anticipate the potential hazards the open road presents. Contact Raphael Javid at the California Motorcycle Attorney Firm today if you or someone you know has been injured in a California motorcycle accident. Our experienced attorneys are committed to taking you through every step of your case, from initial contact with the insurance companies to your final settlement. We work on contingency, so we only collect if you successfully receive compensation.

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