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Motorcycle Intersection Accident Lawyer in California

When sharing roads – every motorist is required to obey traffic laws in California and there are still many cases in which traffic laws are ignored or unseen, contributing to injury. Because an intersection combines multiple laws and regulations, including turn signal guidelines, stop-and-go mitigation, and right of way issues, an intersection is often the most hazardous part of the road. In fact, two thirds of motorcycle-related accidents occurred at intersections in the United States in 2013. What causes this risk, and how can a rider stay safe at an intersection? If you or your loved one were to find themselves in such a situation, you will want the help of a motorcycle intersection accident lawyer in California on your side.

The Increased Risk of Intersections

  • Lack of visibility. The most common type of motorcycle accident involves a motorcycle impacting a car or truck. In many cases, the driver of the car or truck who collided with or caused injury to a motorcyclist claims to not have seen them. Lack of visibility on the part of a driver, especially at an intersection where turning and other directional or speed shifts commonly occur, poses a large threat to smaller and less noticeable vehicles, such as motorcycles.
  • Lack of reasonable care. Even a driver who has been obeying traffic signals and yielding to those who have the right of way can be the cause of an accident. At intersections, some drivers see a green light and consider that permission to proceed, even if they have not properly checked their surroundings. This can pose a hazard for motorcyclists in particular, as they are often smaller and less noticeable on the road. Therefore, if a light turns green and a car or truck driver does not exercise a reasonable amount of care before proceeding, a motorcyclist could be left in jeopardy.
  • Ignoring traffic laws. With the myriad laws that go into making an intersection operate smoothly, a few drivers will simply forget or ignore the rules. Intersections mitigate, slow, stop, and impede traffic which, to someone in a rush, can seem more of a nuisance than a necessary element of travel.

Because of these issues, intersections are a common location for motorcycle accidents in California. However, there is plenty a rider can do to stay safe at these stops whilst being well versed CA state laws.

Navigating Intersections Safely

  • Make yourself seen and protect yourself in the proper motorcycle safety equipment. The best way to protect yourself when riding on a motorcycle is by making other vehicles aware of your presence. It is especially important that you wear gear that enhances your visibility, utilize the proper lights and reflective equipment at night, and proceed within designated lanes at all times. By highlighting your presence, you are guarding yourself against the errors of others on the road.
  • Keep your intentions evident. Motorcyclists in particular should be extremely aware of traffic signals. When making a turn, changing lanes, coming to a stop, or beginning to drive, make the vehicles around you aware of what you are doing. Use turn signals along with hand signals, and be sure your brake lights are in good working condition to decrease the likelihood of a collision.
  • Drive defensively. Never assume another car sees you, even if you have the right of way. Pay attention to your surroundings, including other driver behavior, like alertness, whether a cellphone is being used, or swerving, as well as road conditions and upcoming stops, like intersections. Also remember the common causes of collisions, such as lack of visibility, and recognize when those factors may be an issue.

Contact A California Motorcycle Intersection Accident Attorney

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