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Motorcycle Safety Equipment

Best Motorcycle Safety Equipment Available Today

When it comes to motorcycle safety equipment, most people are aware of how helpful helmets are. After all, a majority of motorcycle-related fatalities occur when the driver is not wearing adequate protective gear. However, motorcycle safety extends far beyond wearing a helmet. The following provides information on Rider Safety Education along with a list of the protective gear essential to safe riding in California.


Protecting your head while riding a motorcycle is not only smart; it’s required by law. When selecting the proper helmet, check that it fits evenly when centered on your head, and that it is snug enough that bumps in the road will not cause it to be dislodged. Helmets are available in a variety of styles and designs, so it is easy to find one that fits, has the look you want, and will keep you safe avoiding brain injuries.


While a motorcycle jacket has long been a style icon for riders, this garment exists to protect the motorcyclist. Jackets protect the skin from potential debris that can be kicked up on the road as well as wind and, in the event of a crash, gravel and burns. For extra protection, armored jackets are available with padding along the spine and on each shoulder, lessoning the chances of a spinal cord injury or painful burn injuries. These pads are usually removable, so when you are not on your motorcycle, they can be taken out.


Proper protective gloves are another great deterrent against road debris and gravel. While driving a motorcycle, your hands must grip the handlebars, leaving your knuckles exposed to any element the road may send their way. Well-made motorcycle safety equipment gloves of an appropriate thickness can protect your knuckles from the pain of flying debris and road impact.


Many full helmets come equipped with protective eye gear, but you may have a style that does not cover your entire face. In that case, invest in some goggles. Goggles will protect your eyes from typical riding hazards such as bugs and dust, and they can shield against the sun and reduce glare from other vehicles. Rider visibility is key when operating a motorcycle, so the importance of an effective visor or goggles cannot be overstated.

Leg Protection

Another motorcycle safety equipment tip is; Always wear long pants when riding a motorcycle. These will keep your legs safe from the hot parts of the bike while protecting them against harmful road objects. Moreover, in the event of a crash, long pants can keep your legs from being burned or cut. For additional protection, chaps or other protective leg gear can keep your legs shielded from collisions or falls as well as rain or other natural elements.


Boots or other sturdy shoes with non-slip soles are also a safety necessity. Boots that extend to or above the ankle will protect the delicate area from the heat of the motorcycle or any damage that could occur if the bike should tip over or slip. The extra layer of strength from a boot could mean the difference between a break and a sprain during a crash. Motorcycle riders also need to select shoes with laces that can be kept away from the motor and moving parts of their bikes.

Other Safety Tips

In addition to dressing the part, riders can stay safe by taking motorcycle specialty classes in California being well educated in motorcycle safety equipment by being easily visible with bright colors and the right reflectors, and possessing the correct licensure and insurance requirements. In the event of a collision, this equipment can prove invaluable in defending a claim.

Many motorcycle safety measures are mandated by law and must be addressed before operating a bike. However, even the most protected rider can sustain an injury on the road. Those who have experienced an incident while riding a motorcycle and believe they are entitled to compensation in California can contact the law offices of BD&J today.

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