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“I first met Sean Banafsheh shortly after I got out of the military. I had gotten into a very serious motorcycle accident and my health insurance provided by the government just expired. I had never used a lawyer before, but was now in desperate need of one since my girlfriend and I had been hit by a car while on my motorcycle. We both were hospitalized for a week and I needed multiple surgery’s from several doctors on my arm and leg. Having been an officer in a U.S. Naval Special Forces unit for 8 years, i was used to working with motivated, hard working, relentless guys I could trust, who always looked out for my best interest. I was now looking for those qualities in a lawyer. Doctor, hospital, and rehabilitation bills were starting to add up well into six figures and I had no idea how to deal with something like this. Sean never once made me feel worried. From the day I met him in his office he made me feel at ease, answered ANY question I had and always made time to see.

Occasionally, I would inquire as to why we were going about things a particular way. His answers always reflected it being the moral, and ethical thing to do. I was very impressed by that. So many people go the easy route. Sean Banafsheh always acted like a professional and contradictory to the stereotype that lawyers have been given. In the end, I couldn’y have asked for a better representative. He settled my case and I was very happy with the results of his hard work. I have recommended Sean Banafsheh to other people I know and will continue to recommend him and his firm to EVERYONE in need of a lawyer. He will always be mine.”

LT. Geoff Reeves

"Dear Sean, I just wanted to take a few moments out of my day to stop and thank you for all that you’ve done for my family. On November 18, 2007 my family’s lives were changed forever. We, my two sons and I, were parked in the emergency lane on the 57 northbound. The next think I remember is being told that we were hit by another car. This was on Wednesday; though I was awake there was no memory of anything but being in the emergency lane. I was told about the accident and I was learning about all the injuries that my family had. Cosmin who was three at the time had a bruise and a scratch. But he was also having bad dreams. Christopher who was 17 at the time had two breaks in one femur, a break in the other femur, a broken finger bone, problems with his back and bruises. I had two collapsed lungs, ten fractured ribs, a compressed disc fracture, a fractured collar bone, lots of big and painful bruises, and loss of memory. I was at UCIHospitaluntil November 23, 2007 then moved to Kaiser Fontana. There I was told that my family needed legal help and that when you came into our lives.

You helped us more than you’ll ever know. Every time we spoke you were always very kind even when I was short with you. You made me understand the importance of everything you were doing even when I didn’t think it was. I am truly thankful you came into our lives. Of course it would’ve been better if it was for another reason. But that’s how it happened. You are a very caring and passionate professional and I truly believe you care about all your clients. Not just as clients but as people too. Thank you very much for all your hard work and your dedication. Because of you our lives are better."

Cheryl Petruescu

"Hi my name is Cindy Wells I came to BD&J after being involved an accident last summer in July 2009 I broke my left wrist. The staff treated me with respect, empathy and compassion I feel very lucky to have met Sean who was more than helpful in getting the most money he could for me. He had patience and tolerance and such a warm heart that I had never came across because of my disability. Sean also gave me an itemized breakdown showing me where all the money for the settlement went that I was not expecting. It was helpful to me and gave me more understanding and made me feel more comfortable. I am a cancer survivor of melanoma, the firm made my life easier during the time I had to deal with the cancer and chemotherapy and the multiple sclerosis. I feel very lucky and honored to be chosen to represent the Firm. I would recommend them without hesitation 100%. I will remember Sean fondly and sincerely."

-Cindy Wells

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